Best VPN Websites Review

The popularity of VPN services is growing by the day. It’s an excellent way to stay anonymous and safe online. However, when it comes to comparing the best VPN services, you realize how important it is to get reviews from trustworthy sites. Let’s get to know about a few of them and pick the best option.

Firstly, there is PC Mag. This is a very popular site that doesn’t only offer you reviews and affiliate links to the most popular VPN providers. It also has a lot of useful information about tech gadgets and tools. You are sure to find the lists of the best devices on the market no matter if its headphones or printers. The experts in different fields gather reviews and compare all the pros and cons to help you make up your mind. If you trust them enough, you can get the editor’s choice. The same concerns VPN providers. This year, they are focused on NordVPN, Private Internet Access VPN, TunnelBear, etc.

Techradar is a very similar site that covers pretty much the same areas. You will get tons of information on the latest devices as well as how-to articles. It brings lots of objective reviews. This is essential to be aware of all the pros and cons before you make up your mind. Unlike the site discussed above, this one focuses on VPN providers like ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Hotspot Shield, etc. Aside from the detailed reviews, you are likely to learn more about the general terms used. This will help you understand the information better. The site offers links to every VPN provider’s official site. is said to be the unbiased site that delivers true reviews of some popular VPN services. The top 3 choices you can learn about here include:

  • CyberGhost,
  • SurfShark,
  • ExpressVPN.

Aside from them, you are sure to find a lot about any other VPN provider (over 30 options). For instance, you’ll see the rating, details, plans, etc. This website is devoted to this area only and comes with a few useful tools. Using them, you’ll quickly discover your IP address as well as learn more about Cybersecurity statistics. If you need a VPN for Kodi, you’ll find the corresponding section very useful. Numerous articles will give you an insight into how to set up, fix the issues with VPN on Kodi, etc.

Another great choice will be to visit CNET. The site resembles PC Mag and Techradar a lot. It covers a wide field of tech and software delivering you the news in the industry. The editor reviews popular VPN services in all the details. You’ll find out some general information like the number of countries/servers/IP addresses you can use, the monthly/annual plans, some sites you can unlock, extra features that come in a bundle, etc. In addition to VPN reviews, you’ll find out whether you need it and why you’d better install this software. There are lots of other useful articles on this topic. However, you are unlikely to find more about some issues the users have or how to deal with them.

The last but not least on the list is This website is a professional guide to the best VPN services you can get. One of the reasons for its popularity is the division by the region. You can get the services of the VPN provider that is the best for your region. Aside from that, you can browse the reviews based on the device you need it for. That includes Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. If you need a VPN for another device or goal, you can go to the corresponding category and find exactly what you’ve been looking for. For instance, you need a VPN for Netflix or Kodi. Just pick the needed category.

All in all, if you need to get a VPN, there is nothing better than It brings so many advantages and helps you pick the right provider for you. Compare the offers and extra features using independent reviews.